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"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the
most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."

-- Charles Darwin

The Caped Crusader
Maybe we could add a Mortlake College Caped Crusader profile to facebook and any student who was happy to have that 'person' as a friend would be given facebook access at school. The tech captains could take it in turn to monitor the page and then any reporting of behaviour would be from an anonymous person.(Andrew)
Re Andrew's idea for caped crusader. What if we to just made a Mortlake College page and everyone who friended it would understand there were rules about behaviour on that page or any pages linked to it. (kane)

We could open up our computer labs after hours to give parents a chance to learn about social networking. (Charlie)
A quote from one of our students that Michael Phillips shared with me " Having teachers on my facebook friends list makes me feel safe." Obtaining a digital passport : Ideas for 5-7 throughline 2011.Let's use individual hard copy facebook pages for each student. Personalised sticky notes can be used for comments and status updates. We'll use our thumbs up stamp to 'like' any great comments and appropriate updates. 10 likes = a stamp in their passport or greater access to the blog space etc. (Alison) I found this video of Sir Ken Robinson on changing education paradigms. Awesome.
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