Progress - What have we done so far?
  • The exploratory stage of the overall plan has begun ( see The Plan)
  • Lots of discussion has taken place with colleagues (thanks Geoff & Kane) and senior students (thanks Josh)
  • I've read and read and read some more. The emerging data on the effect of social media on our society is fascinating (see links but be aware that this is addictive stuff!)
  • I have constructed the permission forms for student and family participation and distributed these to some families.
  • I've begun to form a team of interested participants and am using this wiki to broaden the scope of people able to be involved. Hopefully the interactive ,online element will overcome some of the difficulty in finding time to meet and allow for easy distribution of information.
Root cause analysis

Dr Michael Phillips from Monash Uni is conducting an AR project on kids online use. He came to our school to do some focus group interviews with our students from years 7-10. Transcripts of the interviews will be available for our use.

Parent teacher interview surveys underway.